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Tattoo Aftercare

Standard Bandage Aftercare  -  Click here for Plastic Dermal Bandage Aftercare Instructions

The day of your tattoo appointment: 

  • Remove your bandage two hours after application.  Do not re-apply a bandage to your tattoo during the healing process.

  • Be sure to sleep on clean bed linens.  Tattoos may seep ink and blood the first night, so do not use your best sheets.

  • Along those same lines, wear clean pajamas which would be OK to be stained with ink or blood. 

Every day after your tattoo - three times a day  for three weeks:

  • With clean hands and hot soapy water, wash your entire tattoo and let it air dry.

  • Apply a very thin layer of Aquaphor to your entire tattoo.  Be careful not to apply too much ointment to your skin.  *If you can see lotion on your skin, you have too much on* - wipe off any excess with a paper towel.


During the first week after your tattoo:

  • Be sure to wear clean, loose fitting clothes over your tattoo.   Do not wear tight fitting clothes  which will rub on your tattoo, as this can cause ink to fall out during the healing process or could encourage bacteria growth in the tattoo.

  • Keep your tattoo away from anything or anyone who could introduce bacteria to your tattoo.  Pets, kids and general dirt and grime should be kept away from your tattoo as it heals.  

Your tattoo will itch and flake as it heals.  You can smack your tattoo or scratch around it - but do not pick or scratch it!

Shower normally.  Do not soak in anything during the three weeks immediately after your tattoo: no hot tubs, swimming pools, hot springs, etc.

Plastic Dermal Bandage Aftercare (brand names Saniderm, Tegaderm, Recovery, etc.)

Your artist has applied a plastic dermal bandage tightly on and around your tattoo.  Tattoos bandaged this way can heal faster and be easier to care for than those wrapped with standard bandages.  Provided your plastic dermal bandage retains a tight leak- and puncture-free seal around your tattoo, you may leave it on for five to seven days, after which your tattoo will likely be completely healed.

If at any point in the five to seven days after your tattoo your plastic bandage begins to leak any fluid or if you puncture or tear the bandage, remove the bandage immediately - as your tattoo will become susceptible to infection.  

If you've removed your plastic bandage before five days has passed, please resume standard bandage aftercare as listed above.

Removing the plastic barrier bandage may be easier if you do so during a hot shower.  Under hot water, work one of the corners of the bandage away from your skin and continue to work the bandage off.  

There's no question that your artist isn't happy to answer.  If you are concerned or curious about anything you see or feel in the days and weeks after your tattoo appointment, please contact the shop and ask to speak with your artist.  We can be reached at 303-232-1350 or at .

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